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Taveuni Island Resort is a private boutique resort owned and run by the charismatic Cammick family.  Ric and Dorothy Cammick moved to Fiji in 1973 from New Zealand and were the pioneers of Scuba diving in Fiji.  Ric Cammick named and helped make famous the Rainbow Reef dive site. He and Do were inducted into the National Hall of Fame for Scuba Diving in 2012 for their work in Fiji.  

Over the course of forty plus years they have realised their dream of designing and building  a luxury resort to share and showcase their favourite island with friends and guests.  They are joined in running the Taveuni Island Resort by two of their sons and a dedicated staff of employees from Taveuni island who are part of the resort family.

Taveuni Island Resort has an organic garden on site for vegetables and a larger farm for fruits and livestock.  In addition to providing work for local Fijians and food to the restaurant, Taveuni Island Resort is involved in a program helping to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to some of the outer islands in Fiji who have less favourable growing conditions for producing fresh food.


Through the resort, the Cammick family has been able to participate in housing doctors and vets coming to do volunteer work in the community, as well as work with the rotary club and other organizations who donate their time and energy assist those in Fiji.

The Cammick Family enjoys nothing more than showing new and old friends their favourite places and people on this special island.  They will guide you to all the right spots from world renowned dive sites to the waterfalls, best places to eat, snorkel or just relax and will make you feel at home in paradise.  

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